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Back to this one yesterday, been away about a month, the brown burnout has faded away but not as well as on the white granule roof on the School done about the same time. The homeowner was just going to bolt the frame for the solar panels directly to the roof, probably using sillycone under the bracket. I recommended that it be installed on plinths to raise the brackets up off the main roof. Me and my big mouth, :silly: 7 plinths turned into 12 plinths, in the end it took me just shy of 9 hrs to complete, there are 6 pieces of membrane to each one :blink: In hindsight I should have got him to make the wooden blocks tapered at 45 degrees on the 4 sides that way I could have done them in one piece of membrane like I do the pvc fence plinths on the deck work. Wasn?t thinking at the time. I tried out the new bitumen fillet ( cant strip) from Italy, it works really good, you can heat and form it to the shapes you want, and of course It'seals that point on the detail, like an extra layer there. It costs about double the price of the timber fillets we normally use, so will probably only use it for stuff like this. I took a sequence of shots of putting the pieces on, it was like a production line :laugh: In the final pics they kind of look like limpets on the roof :silly:
Category: Roofing Post By: DANIEL ANDERSON (San Mateo, CA), 03/05/2018

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