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Finally bit the bullet and went and got an new work vehicle. Have decided to go back to a van, as is more practical for what I'm doing these days. With the re-roofing side of things having died off in the last couple of years there is no need for a truck to haul tear-off debris. Anything like that will have to be trailer job now. this is the new van, photo taken at the car yard. Its actually darker than the photo shows, its almost Black in real life. Cost us $NZ18,000 cash + $NZ3000 trade in for the Falcon (which cost us $NZ12,000 in 2007 + about $NZ3000 in add ons and repairs over the 6 years I've had it.) I took out 3 years mechanical insurance on the Toyota which cost $1000. Its NZ new, Jap import, built in 2006, and its just like new, has 80,000km on the clock, which is very low for vans that age, most 2006?s are in the 150,000km range. Automatic transmission, double sliding side doors, 2 litre. I was warned off getting a diesel by our mechanic, he said they are getting a lot of Toyota diesel engine failures into their workshop, head gaskets, camshafts failing and they are very expensive to fix. Although diesel fuel is cheaper at the pump, there are Road User Taxes to pay per km, and I do about 25,000km a year so that would work out more expensive to run. I Don't pick it up until Monday afternoon, I have to swap the ROOFER plates off the Falcon for replacements, which involves taking them in to the AA which was closed by yesterday afternoon. What a performance, I Don't understand why you Can't just swap them directly (with all the paperwork to match). Once I get the van in my possession I'll have to take its plates in and swap them back for the ROOFER ones. That will be 2 hours worth of my day on Monday. One of the things I had to do was peel off the signwriting on the Falcon, took me 2 hours :blink: I had to be careful not to damage the paint, used my Liester on 4 to warm up the lettering and then pick at the edge with my finger nail. Now the lettering is off the Falcon looks nice and clean Its just 500km off 280,000km. I didn't like these Toyota models when they first came out, looks like a box on wheels, but over time they have grown on me, and the older models with the sloping front now look archaic. There are thousands of these on the roads, tradesmens basic vehicle here, most are white or sI'ver, mine will stand out from the crowd as I haven't seen any this colour on the roads.
Category: Roofing Post By: NORMAN LAWRENCE (Apple Valley, CA), 03/02/2018

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